Content Detergent Nature

Water, Curd Soap, Pure Washing Soda

Content Detergent with Fragrance

Water, Curd Soap, Pure Washing Soda, 100% Organic Essential Oils

Washing Instructions

To use one measuring cup of detergent (between 1dl - 2dl) to fill in directly in the washer drum

The powder-fold is not fit to be filled because our detergent is jellylike

Softener is to be avoided because the pure washing soda makes the water soft

in case of very hard water add vinaigre in the powder-fold

Detergent ist to be used for all type of laundry except for wool

Detergent is to be used at 40°, 60°, 95° (not below, because cold water doesn't dissolve the detergent)

For very dirty laundry to add about 2 - 3 soup spoons of stain salt in the powder-fold

Suitable for tumble-dryer


Detergent must be kept closed and away from children!

Detergent is Made in Switzerland

Ecological Buckets Made in Germany

Detergent empty buckets are ecologically Made in Germany and are for multiple usage.

After the usage of the detergent, please wash it even in a dishwasher and re-use it suitable even for food storage.

Detergent filled with detergent could contain condensation water.

Costing price detergent for one wash cycle @  2dl quantity detergent usage / wash cycle:

2 dl    chf 5.00 / wash cycle 

1 L     chf 3.00 / wash cycle

3 L     chf 2.35 / wash cycle

4 L     chf 2.25 / wash cycle


Quantity of detergent to be used for one wash cycle:

2 dl  Detergent result      1  -   2  wash cycles

1 L   Detergent result      5  -  10 wash cycles  

3 L   Detergent result     15 -  30 wash cycles

4 L   Detergent result     20 -  40 wash cycles

Starterkit chf 180

Start to produce your own 100% bio-degradable detergent easily at your home with your preffered fragrance for the sake of your environment und your purse.

Starterkit is all inclusive with ecological bucket, curd soap, wasching soda and detergent-recipe.