Detergent Shrivatsa 4L

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Auspicious 100% Biodegradable Detergent made by mantras topped safran-water according to the Niyngmapa Buddhist Tradition. 


Pure Water, 100% Organic Curd Soap, Pure Wash Soda, Mantra Topped Safran-Water

Washing Instructions

40°, 60°, 95°   (1 dl - 2 dl detergent to be used for one washing cycle)


Detergent buckets to be kept closed and away from children !

Codens water could be built and spots of Essential Oil could be seen.

Not suitable for black coloured textiles

Made in Switzerland  

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Starterkit chf 180

Start to produce your own 100% bio-degradable detergent easily at your home with your preffered fragrance for the sake of your environment und your purse.

Starterkit is all inclusive with ecological bucket, curd soap, wasching soda and detergent-recipe.